KMH Calendar

The academic year at KMH

A Swedish academic year comprises 40 weeks and at KMH it includes:

  • Period weeks of scheduled instruction
  • Intensive weeks, four single weeks in between periods
  • Examination weeks

In addition, the academic year opens with an introductory week, and there are practice weeks during the entrance examinations in spring.

KMH academic year 2015/2016

Autumn semester 2015 2015-08-31 – 2016-01-17
Spring semester 2016 2016-01-18 – 2016-06-06

KMH academic year 2016/2017

Autumn semester 2016 2016-08-29 – 2017-01-15
Spring semester 2017 2017-01-16 – 2017-06-04


Main Calendar

The KMH Calendar gives particulars of coming symposia, seminars, concerts and other events, most meetings, rehearsal and concert periods for different ensembles etc. (only in Swedish).The KMH Calendar can be found:

  • on KMH’s internal website
  • with the iCal program, if you have a Macintosh computer

KMH calendars in your computer

The official KMH Calendars are using – and are updated in – the Mac iCal program. If you have a Macintosh computer you can get access to them. In this program, the calendars are automaticly updated.

The following calendars are available:
KMH:s kalendarium (calendar). List of KMH happenings, such as meetings, in-service days, important dates, productions etc.
KMH-vecka (KMH-week) , giving the theme for a particular calendar week, e.g. a period or intensive week
The “Helgdagar” Calendar, giving the dates of public holidays not shown in certain standard calendars

With the iCal application in Mac OS, you can subscribe by just opening the program and clicking at the addresses below:

Calendar addresses:

KMHKalendarium General calendar:
KMH Week:
Helgdagar Swedish holidays:

If this does not work automatically, open iCal and enter the URL adresses to the calendars you want to access.
In addition, the data processed with the iCal program can also be exported to a palmtop.

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