Co-operation with the community

KMH collaborates on a regular basis with NGOs, institutions and businesses at local, regional, national and international levels.

In the suburban community of Botkyrka, KMH is engaged in acomprehensive, long-term development project, partly in the form of a new pre-college study programme. In another Stockholm suburb, Tensta, KMH is collaborating with the City of Stockholm and Ross School, New York, on a school development project about globalisation and learning.

KMH also interacts with the outside community in the context of regular studies, e.g. through extramural courses and study programmes, as well as offering free-standing courses both locally and in the form of distance education.

KMH receives many guests and exchange students from various countries. Under the Nordplus and Erasmus programmes KMH has established a network for student and teacher exchange with several European cities. In addition, the new Linnaeus-Palme International Exchange Programme facilitates and finances such co-operation with higher education institutions in developing countries.

Together with Sida (the Swedish International Development Co-operation Agency), KMH is taking part in development co-operation in the Balkans.

KMH is actively involved in several international organisations, such as ANMA (the Association of Nordic Music Academies), ABAM (the Association of Baltic Academies of Music) and AEC (the Association of European Conservatories).

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