College and cultural centre

Every year, KMH offers no fewer than 200-250 concerts and other public events. Almost every day our doors are open to the general public, inviting them to enjoy symphonic music, jazz, choral singing, chamber music, eurhythmics and much, much more.

Established ensembles

Regularly active KMH groups include such well-established ensembles as the KMH Symphony Orchestra and String Orchestra, KMH Jazz Orchestra, KMH FOLK, KMH Latin Orchestra, KMH Chamber Choir and Vocal Ensemble, KMH Brass Ensemble, Igor Chamber Orchestra, Electric Bebop Band and KMH Serenade Ensemble. Many work on a project basis, and perform regularly both on tour and in guest performances throughout Sweden and abroad.

Smaller groups

Here you will also find a motley assortment of groups, constellations and emphases, depending on the current mix of students and teachers in the various programmes.

New Arts Scene

In a few years’ time, a new building with new concert halls and studios will make KMH more prominent than ever as a central musical meeting point in Stockholm.

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