Master Programme Composition – Film Music

Composition – Film Music

NB! This programme is given every second year. Next chance to apply is to the autumn 2018.

A study programme in co-operation with the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts (SADA)

Film music composition requires a high standard of musical, dramaturgical and technical knowledge and ability. It is necessary to master a broad range of musical expressions, styles and techniques – and how to use them in combination with other media in order to achieve a dramatic expression.

A strong interest in filmic narration and an aptitude for team-work is also necessary, as well as the ability to incorporate your own creative thinking into a comprehensive narrative context.

Four students will be admitted every second year.  As a student, you will work as a team member in productions together with fellow students at SADA. The coursework will thus resemble the authentic production and collaborative situations which occur in professional film production. Tuition is given both at SADA and KMH.


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