Concert production

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KMH Concert Production

Per Sjöberg
Concert Producer

How to book a concert

Each academic year is divided into three concert periods, as shown below. Before each concert period, a reminder is sent via the mailing lists (students) and (staff).

Students and/or teachers fill in the application/booking form via e-mail to before each deadline:

Period 1
2015-09-28   Start
2015-11-22   End
2015-09-14  Booking deadline
2015-09-14   Deadline for images/programme information

Period 2
2015-11-23   Start
2016-03-06   End
2015-11-02  Booking deadline
2015-11-09   Deadline for images/programme information

Period 3
2016-03-07   Start
2016-06-05   End
2016-02-15  Booking deadline
2016-02-22   Deadline for images/programme information

Application form for concerts period 1 (Word document, compressed in .zip format)

Checklist for concerts:

1. Apply via the required form which should be sent to before each deadline.

2. Send images and programme information (for the season programme, web and social media) to before deadline.

3. Send link to Facebook event (or equivalent), video etc. to, preferably with your application/booking, or at the latest 3 weeks before the concerts.

4. If you want to produce a poster or programme leaflet: use the templates on

Late applications

Applications submitted after application/booking deadline are not guaranteed concert production service or the booking of the main concert halls. Such concerts may then be arranged on your own initiative, preferably through the Student Union (KMS) and normally take place in Nya salen or A 399. Contact for information!

Image requirements

Images should be delivered in high resolution formats. The photographer must leave his/her consent for use of the image for KMH marketing purposes in the season programme and (in low resolution) on the KMH website and in social media. The photographer's name should be included.


The concerts of each concert period are presented in a season programme, distributed in print within KMH and to a number of external addresses, on the KMH website and through social media. An online tool for the production of your own poster within the KMH visual profile is available.

Concerts outside the KMH premises

KMH concerts which take place outside KMH premises must also be reported to the concert producer in advance of the deadline, in order to be included in the season programme, on the KMH website etc. If the concert is organized in cooperation with an external part, this should be clearly stated in a separate written agreement and be clearlt indicated in the marketing material.

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