Concert production

KMH Concert Production

Sara Helperin
Concert Producer/Event Coordinator
tel +46 701 912606

How to book a concert

Each academic year is divided into three concert periods, as shown in the table at the bottom of the next page. Forms for application are available one month before deadline outside the concert production office. There you are to give the following information:

1. Concert date
For each concert period there will be a list of possible concert dates and premises. The current list is always available in the mailbox outside the Concert Production Department (room A378 just behind the Ljusgården/Light Court café). State first, second and third preferences.

2. Deactivation of alarm
If an evening concert in the A house will go on to 21.00 or later, this must be stated in the application form. This is because the audience and performers might not have time to leave before normal closing and alarm time, which is 21.30. The Service Centre has to deactivate the alarm system well in advance of the concert.

3a). For classical music:
• The complete programme, including works, movement titles and composers with dates.
• The duration of the programme/work.

3b) For jazz/pop/folk music:
• Complete list of instruments.
• Technical requirements.
• Content or title of the programme.
• Duration of the programme.

After the deadline a planning group consisting of representatives from the various departments will read the applications and finalise the concert planning. The students will then be informed of the dates and the time frames for their concerts.

At many occasions, some students have to share the same concert. For that reason, it is perfectly sufficient for one student to apply with just one work to a concert.



1 2014-09-29 2014-11-23 2014-09-15 2014-09-15
2 2014-11-24 2015-03-01 2014-10-13 2014-11-03
3 2015-03-02 2015-06-04 2015-01-19 2015-02-09

It is also possible to arrange concerts with shorter notice outside the published programme. Contact the Concert Producer for information.

KMH external concerts

Also concerts outside KMH premises must be reported to the concert producer in advance of the deadline if you want them to be included in the KMH marketing.

PR and marketing

KMH assists with the marketing of concerts. The marketing which students can always count on operates through KMH’s printed concert calendar, which, in addition to being distributed at KMH, is also circulated to over 600 external addresses. KMH also advertises the concerts on various websites (in addition to its own), in weekly calendars, and through the media, etc.

Posters are produced in the first place for concerts by the permanent ensembles, graduation concerts and suchlike. Otherwise, you must be prepared to produce posters and other such publicity material, as well as printed programmes. To simplify matters, a manual of PR material production is available.

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