Edsberg Manor

Violin, viola, cello, piano and chamber music have been taught at Edsberg Manor since 1958 in the form of thematic studies on an internationally high level. Since 1999 these activities are organized as part of the Department of Classical Music at the Royal College of Music, with a separate chamber orchestra and numerous visits by guest teachers.

Studies at Edsberg Manor aim to provide a broader cultural perspective on music by closely linking theoretical and instrumental studies.

Each semester is devoted to a specific theme. Accordingly, chamber music performance is combined not only with theoretical analyses of the works performed but also with lectures about the society in which the music was composed. Throughout their education all students at Edsberg play chamber music and participate in the themes. Edsberg Manor also has a chamber orchestra formed by string students.

Despite its small size Edsberg Manor is a very international environment. This year, seven nationalities are represented among 25 students. Visits by international guest teachers are a regular feature.

Public concerts with orchestra, chamber music ensembles, and individual instrumentalists are frequently given by the students as a part of the education.

At Edsberg Manor tuition is offered on piano, violin, viola and violoncello and for ensembles playing these instruments.

Information: Katja Wester, Intendent of Edsberg Manor, katja.wester@kmh.se
phone: +46 8 16 18 46

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