Department of Folk Music

Head of Department: Susanne Rosenberg 
phone: +46 8-16 18 25

The Folk Music Department, the only one of its kind in Sweden, offers tuition at all levels in Swedish folk music and Folk music/art music from other cultures.

The department has a large volume of outreach activity and collaborates continuously with folk and world music arrangers, educational centres, amateur organisations and various research institutions, both in Sweden and abroad.

It forms a dynamic, developmental environment for folk music, with room both for delving into tradition and for experimentation and renewal. Several of Sweden’s best-known and most innovative folk music groups today were formed by KMH students.

The departmental staff includes some of Sweden’s foremost artists and educators, above all in Swedish folk music. Other teachers of Swedish folk music and of Folk music/art music from other cultures are engaged in response to students’ backgrounds and preferences.

Folk music studies at KMH present a unique diversity of courses with a special folk music profile in music theory, arrangement and composition, ensemble playing, dance, music history and instrumental playing and singing. There are even courses of computerised notation and recording expressly adapted for folk musicians.

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