Helena Maria Falk Botolfsen received Talentpriset 2017

Hanna Maria Falk Botolfsen receives the Talentpriset 2017

Congratulations to Helena Maria Falk Botolfsen, violinist and student at the advanced study programme in interpretation vid Edsbergs slott, to the Norwegian Talentpriset ("Talent Prize") 2017 of SEK 50.000 from Sparebank1 in Norway!

Helena Maria Falk Botolfsen, born in Jevnaker, also performs in the ensemble Oslo Strings, which has, among other things, performed in Norwegian television together with Norway's most prominent artists. 

Helena also has a social commitment - she is passionate about giving concerts for people who do not usually have the opportunity to listen to Classical music. That's why she visits schools, retirement homes, prisons and homes for mentally disabled people.

Helena also participates in a project in Brazil where she allows children from poor favelas to experience Classical music.


Uppdaterad 2017-08-25