How to apply

1. Find your programme and follow the link that takes you directly to University Admissions in Sweden.

2. Create a user account on the national University Admissions in Sweden website and follow the steps to make your online application.

3. Send all supporting documents to University Admissions in Sweden at the address:

University Admissions in Sweden
FE 1
SE–833 83 Stroemsund

Please consult the University Admissions webpage for details concerning the supporting documents.

4. Pay the University Admissions in Sweden application fee before the deadline to ensure that your application will be considered (for non-EU/EEA students).

5. Please observe that some programmes requires you to supply additional documentation (e. g. work samples for Composition Programmes). Check the webpage of your programme to make sure you enclose all needed documents. These documents/recordings shall be sent to KMH at the address:

Kungl. Musikhögskolan
Box 27711
SE-115 91 Stockholm

ALL enclosures MUST be sent in the same letter/parcel. Applications not including all required enclosures will be disregarded without further communication, i.e. the recording, for example, can NOT be submitted later.

Information on specific audition requirements is available in Swedish.

Here is a brochure from the Swedish Institute and on the application process.

Studying with a disability

If you have a documented disability, such as dyslexia, visual or hearing impairment, physical disability, etc., you have the possibility to get personalised support in conjunction with entrance tests and later during your studies at KMH. The nature of support is adapted to your needs and is determined by KMH in consultation with you. To get adequate support during the admission process, you must notify us of your disability as soon as you have applied.

For additional information, send an email to

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