Students at KMH have access to many IT-based resources, including:

  • The KMH student webpages.
  • The data network
  • KMH E-mail

All students are obliged to use these resources, including the KMH e-mail address. When obtaining your access card, you will also have to sign a contract where you commit to following KMH’s rules for access and use of computers and network, and also to allow KMH to include your personal data in its internal databases and files. You will also get the necessary passwords and other log-in particulars.

KMH uses Mac OS X as operative system. Information and material are available to those who use PC/Windows privately (via the Internet or an external connection to the network).


As a student, you will get an e-mail address like: You will get an account, a user name and a password at the service desk when you get your access card. With the help of these you can also get access to personal information via the student webpages.

If you want to read your e-mail on an external (i.e. your private) computer, you can use the webmail function for easy access. Just type the address into your web browser. Your complete KMH e-mail address is your username (användarnamn) and for ”lösenord” you write your personal password for your e-mail account. A web based e-mail program will open, which you use like Hotmail, Gmail or similar web-based e-mail programmes.

The use of computers within KMH

All matriculated students with a valid access card have the right to use the student computers at KMH. You will get your log-in particulars at the service desk when you get your access card.

You are allowed to use free computers even if lessons are going on in the computer rooms.

When you log in, you will automatically get a personal folder in the KMH network, where you can save your documents and also transfer documents to other students or to teachers.

Wireless network

KMH has a wireless network simply called KMH. Reception varies, depending on location and on the computer you are using. To connect, you need a computer with Airport (Apple’s wireless networks technology) or a wireless network card. You also need at least Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger) or Windows XP with Service Pack 2. The user name and password is the same as for your email account. The process for connecting from a PC is a little more complicated, but the Helpdesk group can help you.

The KMH Helpdesk

Your director of studies or your mentor are the ones to turn to for questions concerning IT. If they can not help, you are welcome to contact the KMH IT Unit by sending an email to Note, however, that they are unable to provide personal support in relation to private subscriptions and software used away from KMH.

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