Jacob Mühlrad and Kristin Boussard portrayed i the STIM magazine

Cover of STIM Magazine 2/2016.

KMH students in composition Jacob Mühlrad and Kristin Boussard featured in the summer issue (No. 2/2016) of the STIM magazine.

A seven-page interview is devoted to Jacob. It covers anything from his discovery of music and Jewish culture, his studies at KMH, collaborations with bassoonist Fredik Ekdahl, Swedish Radio Choir and the rapper Silvana Imam to his STIM scholarship of SEK 25,000. He is also pictured on the magazine's cover.

The starting point for Kristin's full page is her compositions Baychimo (premiered at the Hesselby Chamber Festival in Stockholm) and Make a Fish Come True, which was performed during the KMH festival ljudOljud in 2015.

Both articles are written by Sofia Hällsten. The magazine is published by STIM, the copyright organization Swedish Performing Rights Society.

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