Master Programme Performance - Thematic Studies at Edsberg Manor

Performance - Thematic Studies at Edsberg Manor

This profile is based on the same thematic structure as the corresponding B.A. programme, but with a larger element of independent studies. It is a programme in classical music in which, through thematic studies, you arrive at a deeper understanding of the cultural contexts from which the music has emerged.

Common seminar series, theme-based studies and integrated subjects, e.g. music theory and instrumental tuition, are working models used in this programme. The structure imparts coherence to your studies and confers a deeper insight into the music, music-making and musical contexts.

Chamber music bulks large in this profile and equals one-to-one instrumental tuition in importance. The frequent visits from international guest teachers are an important part of the programme. All students take part in joint chamber orchestra productions.

The studies can include main instrument, chamber music, chamber orchestra productions, interpretation seminars, repertoire studies, coaching/rehearsal, string orchestra, contemporary music and extensive concert and touring activities.

This profile is available for piano, violin, viola and cello and for ensembles playing these instruments.

The profile is located at Edsberg Manor (Edsbergs Slott) in Edsviken, Sollentuna, a 20-minute journey from the centre of Stockholm.

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