Master Programme Performance - Early Music

Performance - Early Music

This profile covers the classical repertoire from the Middle Ages to the early Romantic period, centring round the relation to historical performing practice and performance using authentic instruments and instrumental/vocal techniques.

Artistic and technical proficiency is deepened and profiled in the course of main instrument tuition. Greater scope is provided for individual studies in source criticism and for secondary instruments closely akin to the main instrument (such as the viola d'amore, clavichord, hammerklavier and lutes of various kinds). Performing practice studies cover general source material, aesthetic problems in the present-day performance of early music and parallels to other arts. Connections with current classical music theory are also enlarged on.

Rehearsal together with other instruments is expanded, and in the case of chamber music greater importance is now attached to developing each group's capacity for creative and efficient rehearsal without a designated leader.

Early and contemporary music have many aesthetic points of contact, not least the musician's problems of shaping an interpretation without having a tradition to fall back on. Modern repertoire can be chosen as an individual speciality. Joint projects are possible, e.g. together with the Composition programmes.

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