Master in Music 120 ECTS

Musical design (KMH-26000)

No admission in 2013.

 The field of musical design can be described as a form of so-called Applied arts (including commercial art). The programme includes the production of music which, in addition to aesthetic dimensions, where also functional and communicative dimensions are focused - often in connection with clearly specified objectives. Examples of such areas are works of drama, multimodal and/or interactive media with narrative, entertaining, promotional, activating or educational purposes.

The programme will stimulate the development of your artistic profile at the highest level and give thorough knowledge and preparation for operating independently in the field of work that matches your chosen profile. In the framework of the programme, you should carry through your own artistic project (thesis), which should be formulated as part of the application. The program also provides preparatory skills for further studies on the graduate (doctorate) level.

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