Other undergraduate studies

NB: A knowledge of Swedish is an entrance requirement for first cycle studies at KMH.

No admission for the academic year 2016/17!

Pedagogical training – Folk Music/Art Music from other Cultures 120 ECTS  (KMH-41000)

This profile is intended for practitioners of folk music from non-Swedish cultures or of non-western art music.

There is a shortage of trained teachers in these fields, and so the profile enables you to work on a wide front in the musical community.

Studies can mean both deeper exploration of your own music tradition and a broadening of your interest to include western musical traditions. You will encounter a rich and stimulating folk music environment including both Swedish and foreign folk music/art music traditions.

Studies include Main instrument, Ensemble playing, Arranging, Concert practice, Stage training, Ensemble conducting, Main instrument methodology, Ensemble methodology, Final in-service training, Pedagogy, and Independent pedagogic assignment.

Additional subsidiary subjects are: Piano, Voice, Music technology, Movement and body consciousness, Music theory, Music history, plus Elective courses.

Your application must be accompanied by a written account. On the strength of this it will be decided whether you are to be auditioned and, if so, which auditions you will be called to.

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