Bachelor Programme Music and Media Production

NB: A knowledge of Swedish is an entrance requirement for first cycle studies at KMH.

Music and Media Production

Working with music often means taking part in several phases of a production, concert or educational project. Modern production techniques offer new artistic and methodological opportunities, which in turn mean new challenges to music teachers and music producers. Therefore, within the Music and Media program, a large part of the studies are organised in project form, e.g. as music productions in various genres, work on various forms of interactive media and multimedia productions, music videos and film music.

This program requires a basic knowledge of music, music technology and computers, great interest in combining music with other media, and also the will and determination to communicate your knowledge to others. The program confers a high level of artistic and pedagogic competence in music, technology and media.

As from the autumn of 2010, the plan is for completion of the BA degree to be followed by a Masters program of 60 ECTS.

Courses within the core curriculum are:

• Sound design
• Sound technology
• Media methodology
• Multi-media production
• Music for media
• Music production
• Music video production
• PA technology
• Web production
• Independent assignment

Subsidiary subjects are: Jazz/Pop ensemble, Free-lance knowledge and copyright, Jazz arranging, Jazz aural training, Jazz harmony, Keyboard playing, Music history, Pedagogy and Elective courses.

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