KMH and Genelec Oy in unique research collaboration

Exteriörfoto av KMH:s nya campus, sett från hörnet Valhallavägen-Lidingövägen.

KMH has initiated a long-term and comprehensive research collaboration with the Finnish audio company Genelec Oy, which among other things specializes in high-quality studio monitor and active speaker systems.

Research areas will include immersive audio formats both existing and future, Virtual Reality technologies with regard to loudness standards, digital room correction technologies as well as methods for acoustic calibration and playback in immersive audio formats.

– This is a new home for music and music education, a cultural nexus for Stockholm, and a central hub for research with high-tech instruments. The collaboration between Genelec and KMH will provide the necessary tools needed to continue to be an artistic, educational and research leader, says Bill Brunson, professor in electroacoustic composition at KMH.

The purpose of the collaboration is also to create synergies between artistic and scientific expertise that will benefit education at KMH and elsewhere.

– By working together and contributing our resources and expertise, we now have a great opportunity to increase knowledge in this exciting area of research, says Dr. Aki Mäkivirta, Director of the Department of Research and Development at Genelec Oy.


Porträttfoto av prof. Bill Brunson Porträttfoto av Dr. Aki Mäkivirta, Genelec OY.
Prof. Bill Brunson, KMH Dr. Aki Mäkivirta, Genelec OY
Uppdaterad 2016-08-20