KMH Library

Photo of the Library in the Stables building under renovation.

The KMH Library is located in House 3 (the former Stables). In the library you will find sheet music, books, periodicals, records, videos, reference works etc. The Library also has KMH’s most comprehensive archive of essays and degree theses written at KMH (but also from other music colleges in Sweden).

In addition to a number of reading positions, the library has eight listening positions equipped with CD players, and with the possibility of accessing listening databases. There is also a fully equipped meda room with several seats and a surround system. 

Search and renew

The library databases allow you to search through CDs, sheet music, books, magazines, papers and theses. The Song Register includes titles and first text lines of songs (both classical and popular) included in various song collections. You can also search our listening databases, and make renewals of sheet music, books, CDs and movies.

TIP: You can also use the SKAP archive of popular music at the STIM website, where you can find sheet music and lyrics. See also public libraries.

Svenskt visarkiv and Swedish National Collections of Music provides full access to the extensive music material in the Swedish Folk Commission's collections, as well as Music Museum's collection of folk music.

The database KMH-DiVA

DiVA is the natioonal Digital Academic Archive. DiVA contains research publications and student theses, a large amount of them in full text, from many Swedish universities. KMH-Diva is a part of the KMH archive and will include all the dissertations and academic essays produced at KMH.

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