Mai Agan receives the 2016 Alice Babs Jazz Scholarship

Portrait photo of Mai Agan.

Bassist Mai Agan is awarded the 2016 Alice Babs Jazz Scholarship of SEK 50 000. The scholarship, which is awarded for the thirteenth time, will be presented at a concert at Skansen in Stockholm on Monday, July 11.

"Thanks to her genuine talent and her dedicated work Mai Agan, thanks has established herself as a deeply engrossing and respected musician. Her music is permeated by an openness to both the tradition of introducing new expressions well connected to Alice Babs spirit. "

Mai Agan was born in Estonia in 1988 and studied at KMH, currently at the Master Level at the Department of jazz. She is widely active and frequently engaged as a freelance musician in concerts and tours in Estonia, Sweden and other European countries. Among other things, she has collaborated with Doug Seegers, David Crosby, Linnea Henriksson, Norrbotten Big Band, Håkan Broström and Ane Brun.

The Alice Babs Jazz Foundation Scholarship is administered by the Royal Swedish Academy of Music. Founder's Concerts Sweden, Swedish National Association Jazz Foundation Carpe Vitam, KMH, Ingesund School of Music, More Jazz in Sweden and Music in the South. The scholarship committee includes a representative of the Alice Babs family Sjöblom.

Former fellows: Karin Hammar, Torbjorn Zetterberg, Jon Field, Jonas Kullhammar, Klas Lindquist, Kristin Amparo, Erik Söderlind, Erik Lindeborg, Filip Jers, Naoko Sakata, Lisa Bodelius and Linnea Henriksson.

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