Department of Music Education

Head of Department:  Per-Henrik Holgersson Phone: +46 73 461 06 02

Teacher training in music

As Sweden's only independent music college KMH is also the only one with its own degree-awarding teacher training in music.

We offer four profiles to secondary school aesthetic applications: instruments/vocals and ensemble, choir, music theory and music and media production .

The educational science core: education, psychology , research methodology, etc., is permeated of music at KMH. Didactics are studied as part of practical musicianship and placement studies provide a professional foundation for future teachers and educators.

Continuing Education for Professionals

The Department offers a number of courses in eg rhythm, osm provides an approach for learning and artistic expression of music through movement and movement through music.

A much sought after course is Music and health. It is aimed at professionals within the fields of health matters, staff welfare or other work that can relate to music from a health perspective and sustainable living conditions for people and society.

Music therapy in psychodynamic basis

In music therapy musical experience, musical creation and interaction are used for therapeutic purposes. KMH music therapy programme starts from a psychodynamic basis, and is the only one in the country leading to master's degrees.

Postgraduate Studies in Music Education

Postgraduate studies carried out in collaboration with Lund University and Stockholm University. Our graduate students and researchers work in several research projects on music education in schools and on musical knowledge-building.

Music and Society

The department is responsible for KMH courses on the subject music and society, where music is studied from anthropological, historical or sociological perspectives.

Practice Teaching

During their study period, the students at the teacher training programmes train pupils who receive both individual and ensemble of different ages and at different stages. 

Ensembles and concerts

Students appear in many of KMH regular ensembles, e.g. the KMH symphony orchestra and chamber choir, but also by project in different themed ensembles, in practice teaching, etc.

International cooperation

The Department is part of several international networks for music education, music therapy and eurhythmics, as well as a Sida-funded exchange program with Northwest University in South Africa.

Students and teachers regularly participate in exchange activities with teacher training programmes in e.g. Finland, Germany, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland.

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