Musik in disorder: Revoid Ensemble gives improvisation concert with CD release

Klas Nevrins Revoid Ensemble's consists of eight prestigious improvisational musicians from Norway, Sweden and the United States. It is also the core of an ongoing research project carried out at KMH, supported by the Swedish Research Council.

On October 25 the ensemble gives a concert with a CD release in Nathan Milsteinsalen, one of the newly inaugurated concert halls at KMH's new campus in Stockholm.

In their cooperation and research the ensemble blends together a great variety of acoustic and electronic sounds, creating a rich dynamic range.

It also involves abnormal intonations, inspired by among others balafon- and gamelan tunings and influences from composers like Terry Riley, Charles Ives and Ben Johnston. Overlays of tempo and rubato is another hallmark, a "disorderly order" that can create interesting pathways for rhythmic interaction.

The modular compositions (all by Klas Nevrin) always include collective improvisation, but in sometimes unexpected ways. Precomposed materials are e.g. designed so that it offers musicians new ways to create ambiguity and interact with each other.

- Improvisational events can say a lot about our expectations and valuations, whether it be music, education or any other context, says Klas Nevrin.

- We examine how various forms of order and disorder are related to each other. We discuss ethical meanings of collective creation also outside the music, and we also at how non-hierarchical interpersonal relationships can be played out while curiously exploring together.

Tuesday, October 25 19:00
Nathan Milsteinsalen, KMH
Valhallavägen 105, Stockholm

Free admission!


For more information:

Klas Nevrin
Composer, pianist, lecturer in improvisation
073 628 58 30


The Revoid Ensemble consists of:

Klas Nevrin - Keyboards
Anna Lindal - Violin
Katt Hernandez - violin
Audrey Chen - cello & voice
William Bromander - bass
Ricard Österstam - drums
Per Texas Johansson - woodwind
Eivind Lønning - trumpet

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