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Room reservations

The general system for room reservations is computer based and can be used maximum one day in advance. You will find further instructions below.

For reservations more than 36 hours in advance, send an email to State the time and room you want to use, your contact details, the purpose and any need of special equipment.

Instructions for online room reservation

Go to >Lokalbokning on the Student web.

Log in username (användarnamn) is the first part of your KMH email address (firstname.surname).

The password (lösenord) will be sent to you on your KMH email account.

After log in you will see the main page for booking. For making a reservation:

•    Choose the week (vecka). The current week is default.

•    Choose the room. In frame 01 there is a complete list. In the other frames 02-10, the same rooms are grouped in cathegories according to size, equipment etc.

For a search, it is possible to choose several rooms, even from different categories. Hold Cmd (Mac) or Ctrl (PC) while clicking the different rooms. For a row, hold Shift while clicking the first and last. To cancel, just update the page.

Within the brackets, there is additional information about the room, most frquently the size. There are three sizes, Small (litet) <24m2, Medium (mellan) 25-40m2 and Big (stort) >41m2.

By clicking the button ”Lokalinfo” (way up on the left side), you can get additional info about equipment and other specifications. (If you have marked several rooms, you must first click the little blue mark to the left of the room name to specify for which room you want this additional information.)

•    Now click the button ”Sök” (find) at the left side.

•    A schedule for the week i question will now appear. The white time window is open for booking. Blue fields are already booked.

•    Set your desired time in the fields to the left. (To reset: click ”Återställ”.)

•    When ready: click ”Boka” and you will see your booking in the schedule.

Please be careful to cancel every booking that you will not make use of. Just click on it in the schedule and delete.

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