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4 M:s – Music, Music Technology, Multimedia and Methodology

»The name of our programme conceals a wealth of subjects, all aimed at making us multi-artists in the world of music and media. It is no exaggeration to say that the computer is our main instrument, a digital mill for grinding our creativity.

Music, though, is the core of our University College existence, and within the study programme it is manifested among other things in jingle and record productions.

Music technology too is always making itself heard, in a voice that can be transformed into a blood-curdling shriek if the mixer table won’t play ball. To remedy our comparative ignorance of this field, we are helped in the music theory subjects to sort out theoretical concepts and to learn the practical tricks of the trade.

We also go in for more tone-deaf activities such as web production, a subject integrating a handful of software products such as Dreamweaver, Flash and Photoshop.

Through this welter of music- and media-related subjects there runs a scarlet thread of pedagogics. In other words, we also learn to teach. On a theoretical plane, through psychology and didactics courses, on a practical plane through classroom exercises and, above all, through teaching practice at schools in different parts of the county.

The first year ended with a so-called Maxi production, meaning that presentations in different subjects were put together into a cd production which among other things contains songs produced by the students themselves, complete with cd sleeve illustrations.«

Quoted from the students’ account of their first year of the Music and Media Technology with Educational Emphasis study programme.

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