Research at KMH

At KMH research is conducted on the musical creation and learning processes. The questions about the artistic knowledge formation are studied from both scientific and artistic starting points.

KMH higher Seminar for Research (in Swedish)

Welcome to the first round of KMH senior seminar for research - an arena for discussion, reflection and reporting of research and artistic work, mainly addressed to senior teachers (lecturers and professors) and PhD students and postdocs.

Thursdays. 9: 15-11: 00

Thu 26/3 A 399

Photo of building scaffolds, as illustration of the concept of scaffolding

Frans Hagerman:
Knowledge props - the role of scaffolding for musical learning.

Thu 23/4 A 433
Stefan Therstam:
On improvisation in organ performance.

Thu 21/5 A 399
Kim Hedås and Johan Fröst:
Doctorate in music, experiences from Sweden and the USA.

Uppdaterad 2015-03-02