Roine Jansson new professor of music theory at KMH

Portrait photo of prof. Roine Jansson.
Portrait photo of prof. Roine Jansson.

Roine Jansson has been appointed professor of music theory at the Royal. Music in Stockholm (KMH).

Since he began his teaching at KMH 1986, Roine Jansson has taught several generations at both the performance and teacher education programmes, in subjects such as arranging, harmony, ear training and music theory methodology. He is also the author of a number of books with music theoretical orientation, including Stora Musikguiden – Musikteori för alla ("The Big Music Guide – Music Theory for everyone").

Alongside his work Roine is often hired as an arranger, mostly in his home town of Uppsala. Among the clients can be mentioned the Linnaeus quintet. Roine also has a large production of arrangements for choir: one of his most widespread arrangements is ABBA Cappella. At the Uppsala music scenes one can sometimes see him play bass guitar in the bands Power Play and Heartbeats.

Music was originally not an obvious career for Roine.

– It all started in the 1970s. The band I played in was extended with wind players, who must have parts written out. I was the only one in the band who could write music, and luckily we had then a singer who encouraged me to learn more.

Roine turned to music theory teacher Ola Eriksson at the Department of Musicology at the University of Uppsala. Ola Eriksson gave Roine private lessons, before the formal studies in musicology, and became an inspirational role model.

– It has marked my entire career that I started from an a very practical need to use the knowledge, says Roine.

– Sometimes it has been a trend in music theory to turn it into a sort of abstract mathematics, a form of problem solving as an end in itself. Instead, I have always wanted to demystify and let the theory come closer to the practical realities out there.

Roines work at KMH has over the years taken different forms: often the emphasis has been on arrangement as a practical way to apply theoretical knowledge. It has included leading prospective instrumental teachers in arranging for ensembles of performer students; pioneering work with distance learning in arranging; development of digital tools; courses in singer- / songwriting with many famous artists as guests; symposiums, conferences and much more.

For many Roine is associated with the substantial learning and exercise book "Traditional harmony" which he wrote together with Ulla-Britta Akerberg, and which is used in education throughout Sweden. His latest book, The Big Music Guide - Music Theory for all, is sold every year in a large number of copies.


Contact Prof. Roine Jansson via:
cellphone +46 70 621 50 03

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