Studying at KMH

Information about study programmes and courses, on entrance exams, eligibility and more is to be found under the heading Study at KMH.

Teaching and studies at KMH are centred around your personal development and the individual interaction between you and your teacher – a philosophy which offers you plenty of flexibility in choosing your own way forward, coupled with a great deal of personal responsibility.

ADMISSION TO MOST study programmes is by examination/audition. Some entrance examinations are the same for all music colleges in Sweden, others specific to KMH and your particular study profile. In order to stand out above the competition, especially in your main subject or instrument, you often need to have studied music for several years prior to applying, either privately or at a preparatory school.

A MENTOR ACCOMPANIES you throughout your student career. This is the person – usually a teacher in your department – to turn to with questions about your studies and personal progress.

KMH’S STUDENT UNION (KMS) safeguards your interests by being represented on most of the college’s main decision-making bodies. In addition to monitoring and promoting gender equality, KMS also organises a variety of extracurricular activities, including one of the main events of the college year, SMASK – the national student song contest of Swedish music colleges. Student union membership is required in Sweden for all students registered at post-secondary institutions.

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