Undergraduate level

The education at KMH is organised in three cycles, in line with the Bologna agreement for higher education in Europe:

  • Undergraduate level (normally three years of full time
  • Graduate level (normally two years of full time studies)
  • Postgraduate (Research) level (normally four years of
    full time studies)

Most of the study programs at undergraduate level are aiming at a Bachelor's Degree in Music 180 ECTS, but there are also shorter programs which do not lead to an exam.

The Teacher Education programmes lead to a Masters Degree in education and normally require 4,5 years of full time studies. As they continue into the second cykle, they are treated under a separate headline.

European Credit Transfer System

KMH uses the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), in which one term of full time studies counts as 30 ECTS credits (Swedish abbreviation: hp).

Language requirements

Please observe that in the entrance examinations as well as all lessons in the regular programs, Swedish language is used. Foreign applicants to the regular undergraduate programmes must prove knowledge in the Swedish language together with the application.

For exchange students, the instructions in the individual lessons can be given in English. In these cases a very good command of English language is required and foreign students must prove knowledge in English together with the application.

For all teacher training programs, a good capacity in the Swedish language is required – also for exchange students.

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