Viktoria Glans receives a SEK 50,000 scholarship

Foto av Viktoria Glans med stipendiet. Foto: privat.
Viktoria Glans med stipendiet. Foto: privat

Viktoria Glans, who sings, plays piano, bass, sax/flute and guitar, and is a first year student at the KMH teacher education programme, has received the Music in Huskvarna scholarship of SEK 50,000.

The justification for the scholarship reads: "For her big ambitions and targeting. For her musical breadth. For her humility and social pathos."

– I am very grateful for the scholarship, it came as a surprise and was fantastic to get, says Viktoria to the local newspaper Jönköping-Posten.

– Well, I think that I want to put aside some of it. Then I think that I will buy myself a computer to record my own music that I can produce myself.

The studies at KMH otherwise takes up most of Viktoria's time:

– It is very much up there now (in Stockholm). There will be an inauguration of the new KMH campus on Valhallavägen in January with plenty of concerts to be held. In those concerts we students will be involved as performers.

The scholarship was handed over to Victoria by Harriet Ramsten from the association Music in Huskvarna, in conjunction with its very last concert. Music in Huskvarna is closing down after having arranged chamber music concerts for thirty years.

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Viktoria Glans sings "I Only Have Eyes for You" with the Jönköping Big Band:

Viktoria together with Fredrik Bäckgren, the Jönköping Big Band and strings from the Jönköping Orchestra Society:

Viktoria Glans performs at the local radio station P4 Jönköping:

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