Alexander Zethson received the Rosenborg-Gehrmans scholarship

Alexander Zethson. Photo: Peyra Cvelbar.
Photo: Peyra Cvelbar.

Pianist and KMH student Alexander Zethson received one of Sweden's biggest music awards, the Rosenborg-Gehrmans study scholarship of SEK 150,000, in connection with his graduation concert on Tuesday, March 28.

Joakim Milder, Chairman of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music's piano jury wrote in connection with the promulgation in November:

Alexander Zethson is a personal artist with a tirelessly musical flow and energy. He has a strong storytelling and creative ability, an extremely secure dramaturgical talent and a willingness to take big artistic risks and succeed every time.

Alexander Zethson has completed the bachelor performance programme in jazz at KMH and is currently studying at the second year of the master's programme with Lisa Ullén as his primary instrument teacher.

Alexander has participated in extensive concert and tour activities and has participated in fifteen record productions. The ensembles include:

• Niklas Barnö's free jazz group Je Suis!
• A number of tours in Europe with Martin Küchen's group Angles 9

Alexander is also active as arranger and pianist in collaboration with the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, a cooperation which began in 2011. Zethson, Sofia Jernberg and Lene Grenager has arranged music from Hallingdal and Røros performed by the TJO with Zethson, Jernberg and violinist/Hardanger fiddler Olav Luksengård Mjelva.

Inge and Einar Rosenborgs Foundation for Swedish music was founded in 1950 and has as its purpose to through the Gehrmans Musikförlag promote the publication and performance of valuable Swedish music, as well as to support the Swedish music scene through grants and scholarships.

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