Emanuelle Martin

Möt Musiklivet IRL – workshop i karnatisk musik (södra Indien) med Emanuelle Martin

The aim of this workshop is to introduce participants to modal improvisation, by exploring the fundamentals of the classical music of South India - Karnatik music. This workshop will be held in English.

When: Thursday 31/3 kl 15.30-18.00

Where: Svarta Lådan

In this workshop we will explore:

  • Raga (melodic mode)
  • Tala (rhythmic cycle)
  • Composition
  • The drone played by the tampura
  • Oral tradition - learning by listening and repeating

Singers and instrumentalists are welcome for this workshop. We will be singing and using our voices! Yet, if anyone would like to join the workshop, but doesn't feel comfortable singing, they are welcome too.

This musical tradition is transmitted orally. The importance of listening and repeating, as well as the role of the tampura's drone (analog or electronic) form the ground upon which ragas, talas, and compositions are expressed. This structure allows for one's own improvisation and exploration of musical and rhythmical ideas. In this workshop we will also focus on the rhythmic dimension of this music through the recitation of formulas in the very tala of the compositions which invite countless creative improvisational expressions.

This workshop contributes to the development of skills and understanding of the tradition while giving participants an opportunity to have an authentic experience of this music, and to enrich one's ability to serve as a musical interpreter, improviser and composer.

About Emmanuelle Martin

Emmanuelle Martin Länk till annan webbplats. is renowned in France and broader Europe in the field of traditional and sacred classical music from South India - Karnatik music. She lived for 10 years in Chennai, South India, (2004-2014) where she dedicated herself to learning this style of singing and music from one of the greatest masters of this tradition, T. M Krishna. She now lives in France and travels between India, Europe, and the United States where she gives concerts, teaches and continues her own practice.

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Möt Musiklivet är KMH:s samtalsserie för studenter som är eller kommer att bli en del av musiklivet. Syftet är att förbereda, inspirera och vägleda till nya sätt att ta sig an marknaden, och att erbjuda möjligheter att knyta nya kontakter.

Möt Musiklivet arrangeras i samarbete med Stockholm School of Entreprenuership (SSES) Länk till annan webbplats. Länk till annan webbplats. där KMH är medlem.