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Eva Bojner Horwitz

Professor musik och hälsa på Inst. för Musik, pedagogik & samhälle

08-572 10 839

Personliga länkar

Om mig/About me

I am working as a professor of music and health at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, affiliated researcher at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience Karolinska Institute (KI). I am an Associate Professor & Doctor in social medicine, cultural health researcher, specialized in psychosomatic medicine and in creative arts; co-founder of the Center for Social Sustainability (CSS), KI.

Research activities

I am anchored in interdisciplinary research, have doctoral students, authored scientific articles (see Research Gate) and books (“The Cultural Health Box”, “Culture for your Health”, “Improve your Health with Music”, “Theatre for, by, and with patients”, “Culture and Public Health”, “Fibromyalgia – for the cause of stress?”, “Humanizing Health Care with music”, “Embodied Compassion”, and book chapters (i.e. Oxford University Press & Springer Books).

I am also known internationally for my implementation of music activities in health care and school systems and for evaluation with video interpretation technique (VIT), combining quantitative (stress hormone analyses, heart rate variability) with qualitative research (micro phenomenology and phenomenological hermeneutics).

My research focus is on music and health (sing health in schools, performance evaluations, HeArtS – Health –Arts – Sustainability); music and learning (knowledge concerts); music in end-of-life situations; music and social sustainability (inner transformation and creativity); arts and humanities; nature related soundscapes, resilience, aesthetics and flow.

Lecturing in

  • Music and Medicine
  • Music, wellbeing, and health
  • Sustainable working life
  • Social relations and health
  • Music and learning environments
  • Stress and ergonomics
  • Music and the brain