Photo: Holger Ellgard

Edsberg Manor

Some of KMH programmes and courses is held in Edsberg Manor in Sollentuna, just outside Stockholm. Thanks to a long-term cooperation with municipality of Sollentuna, KMH has a large part of the well-preserved 18th century castle for training in classical music on piano, violin, viola and cello, with emphasis on chamber music.

Students at Edsberg Manor regularly gives concerts at the castle in the form of intimate so-called Edsberg Salons, classical chamber music at high level.

The students also together form Edsberg Chamber Orchestra, that makes a couple of productions a year.

Getting here

Landsnoravägen 10, 192 52 Sollentuna

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Public transport

Several buses stops nearby Landsnoravägen and Edsberg Manor (Edsberg slott).

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