Restaurang Oktav. Foto: Åke E:son Lundman.

Restaurant Oktav

Restaurant Oktav is located on the street level at the KMH campus at Valhallavägen 105. Here Liv, Jonas and Mikael serve tasty and affordable selections of breakfast, lunch and coffee.

Todays lunch and coffee

Every day we serve a soup and a hot vegetarian dish, to which you can choose to add fish or meat. Homebaked bread, salad, coffee and water is included.

Menu and prices on Oktav's web External link. (Swedish)

Oktav also serves you grilled and cold sandwiches, smoothies and home made pastry. Hot and cold beverages, beer and wine also is available.

Contact and further information

Table reservations, pre-booking or questions about what we serve:
+46 (0) 8 412 16 60

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