ESAIM – degree projects in collaboration

KMH sett från Valhallavägen. Foto: Ola Fogelström.

KMH and KTH (the KTH Royal Institute of Technology) are running a project for the development of degree projects for study programmes in music and sound. The project is called ESAIM - the establishment of independent degree projects in music and technology - and is funded by Vinnova.

The idea of ESAIM is to develop the ex-job model for degree projects in music education. The purpose is to strengthen the students' capacity in the labour market.

The model provides the students with the opportunity to carry out all or part of their independent project in collaboration with an external partner. It is a well-established method that is used at many other universities and colleges.

The project has also created an arena, called KMH X-day, for different kinds of collaborations between, on the one hand, master students and researchers at KMH and KTH, and on the other hand enterprises, cultural institutions, interest organizations, authorities and other actors with an interest in music in different respects.

The project has a clear gender perspective, and is expected to increase women's opportunities to build experiences that give them the conditions to get work in the heavily male-dominated music industry.

Collaboration projects between KMH and KTH

KMH contributes with knowledge of artistic research, creative methods, contacts with companies and organizations unique to KMH. KTH contributes with extensive knowledge of research and technology in music and sound processing (Sound and Music Computing) and experience of innovation and collaboration.

The project will also collaborate with, among others:

  • the network for higher education institutions with degrees in music
  • music, production and media companies, both major players and smaller innovation companies
  • other cultural / music organizations.

Intrested in receiveing a student?

A participating external partner is expected to appoint a supervisor, who supports and works with the student. The supervisor does not have to be academically qualified, but must have good knowledge of the external partner. Preparedness to set aside time and perhaps other resources, such as premises and equipment, is also needed.

More information and contact

Contact Emilie Lidgard, by sending an e-mail to emilie, and we will book a meeting. Enter the following information:

  • Name
  • Company / organization
  • Contact details (email, phone)
  • A brief description of the purpose of the meeting / your project idea

Three degree projects

As part of the ESAIM project, Anna Björn, a master student in electro-acoustic composition, carried out her independent work in the form of an installation in collaboration with the Swedish Museum of Performing Arts in Stockholm.

Video: Anna Björn, Metamorphosis

Video: The Dancing Cellist - My Heart is in the East

Linnea Vikström, master students in classical music – cello, made her independent degree projects in collaboration with Uppsala Concert & Congress, UKK.

Video: Catrin Johansson, flute

Catrin Johansson, master students in classical music – flute, made her independent degree projects in collaboration with Uppsala Concert & Congress, UKK.