International Collaboration

KMH's international collaboration includes participation in international organizations and international education cooperation of various kinds and exchange programs.

Among the organizations we work with, AEC, the Association Européenne des Conservatoires, plays a key role. In the field of music education, ISME, the International Society for Music Education, is also of great importance.

KMH also participates in a number of international education collaborations, exchange programs and international initiatives.


A project with support from the Erasmus Networks Program. The collaboration includes AEC and 55 music colleges / academies from Europe. KMH has been an active partner in Polifonia since the start of the project. The project focuses on discussing and raising educational and research issues in music at European level.


KMH participates in EASTN-DC, the European Art Science and Technology Network for Digital Creation – an international project funded by the EU cultural program.

The overall goal is to make digital creativity more accessible. By bringing together a large number of partners – colleges, universities and cultural institutions – the aim is to create a collective knowledge of working methods and tools in contemporary digital artistic practices.

In the project, the various member institutions will create so-called cultural objects: artistic works, workshops, lectures and the like. These will then tour all member institutions and meet local, regional and national audiences. KMH has organized one such event to which educational activities will also be linked.

Contact Persons EASTN-DC

Henrik Frisk, senior lecturer in music
08-572 10 861

Kim Hedås, senior lecturer in composition

Exchange programs and bilateral agreements

KMH offers master's programs with extensive exchange opportunities:

Master's in Contemporary Peformance and Composition, CoPeCo

Nordic Master's In Folk Music, NoFo

Nordic Master's In Jazz, NOMAZZ

KMH participates in the Nordic Council of Ministers' Nordplus, the EU's Life Long Learning Program / Erasmus, and the SIDA-funded Linnaeus / Palme exchange program. KMH has also signed a bilateral exchange agreement with the University of Northern Texas in the United States.