Campus från Valhallavägen.

Photo: Åke Eriksson Lundman.


KMH has reached an impressive sixth place among world universities and other institutions offering higher education in performing arts. Since it was founded in 1771 by King Gustav III, KMH has trained some of the most influencal musicans, composers and conductors in Swedish and international music life such as Martin Fröst, Lena Willemark, Eric Ericsson, Esbjörn Svensson and Ann-Sofi von Otter. From the furthest recesses of its more than 250-year history to alumni, current staff and activities, there's more to KMH than meets the eye. Here are some highlights.

We have gathered six of KMH's foremost areas below.

The Folk Music Department at KMH offers tuition at all levels in Swedish folk music and Folk music/art music from other cultures. The department has a large volume of outreach activities and collaborations in Sweden and abroad. It forms a dynamic, open minded developmental environment for folk music where tradition goes hand in hand with experimentation and progression.

The international success of Swedish jazz and popular music are there for all to see and hear. Behind these achievements are top musicians and teachers capturing creativity and combining it with inspiring, solid training. And it is not all about jazz, it is pop, rock, latin and free improvisation and more.

Classical music is probably more familiar than we might at first imagine. Indeed, nowadays it is all around us, whether it be in restaurants, supermarkets, advertising and a great deal of film music either directly uses or draws from the 'classical' tradition. KMH offers qualified professional training in singing and for most groups of instruments in the western classical tradition, church musicians and early music, as well as the Chamber Music focused study programmes in string instruments and piano at Edsberg's Campus. Most of the teachers are professional musicians of supreme international standing, which guarantees both the upholding of tradition and participation in new musical developments.

KMH has long been educating the sharpest composers, operating both nationally and internationally. With brand new premises in the heart of Stockholm, specially designed for music, we are the largest center in Sweden for composition studies. Some of Sweden's foremost composers teach here. The school offers top class studios and concert halls for different accoustic preferences.

Teacher Education is the heart of the Swedish music life. Everything starts with a good teacher. KMH is a premium epicenter for music education and is known for being a place that embraces interpretive, qualitative research in the field of music education.

Music Therapy is about music’s power to help people heal and transform their lives. KMH Master programme in Music Therapy prepares the next music therapy leaders for innovative work in clinical, research, educational, or community-based programs. 

Production of Music and Media. To work with music today often means to be part of various aspects of production. Technology innovations constantly provides new technique. The Department for production of Music and Media are known for being up with the latest technique and skills. Digital tools are a core of the education.

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