Faint Noise (Malin Bång, Karin Hellkvist and Anna Petrini) – former KMH students who now perform all over the world. Photo: Mira Åkerman. 

Faint Noise (Malin Bång, Karin Hellkvist and Anna Petrini) are all former KMH students who now perform all over the world. Photo: Mira Åkerman.


To study composition at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm means being in a creative environment with sound and music creation in focus, where the goal is to inspire and support the students to develop their own personal artistry.

KMH has long been educating the sharpest composers, operating both nationally and internationally. KMH is the country's largest center for composition studies. Here you meet skilled teachers and lots of music students and state-of-the-art studios and beautiful concert halls in the middle of Stockholm's dynamic music life.

Study Programmes in Composition

Composition education is offered with four focuses: Western art music, electroacoustic music, jazz, and film music composition. Small classes, close personal tuition and many exciting projects provides opportunities to develop in the direction you choose. Here you get the chance to write anything from small ensembles to big bands and symphony orchestra. Perhaps you wish to mix instruments with electronic songs? Or work with audiovisual installations? Compose for driving? You may even get the chance to compose a chamber opera.

Teachers in composition

Among the KMH composition teachers you find:

  • Kim Hedås – senior lecturer in composition
  • Peter Holmberg – senior lecturer in music theory
  • Per Mårtensson – senior lecturer in composition
  • Mattias Petersson – senior lecturer in electroacoustic composition
  • Karin Rehnqvist – professor of composition
  • Johanna Roll – senior lecturer in music theory
  • Marie Samuelsson – senior lecturer in composition
  • Anders Sjögren – senior lecturer in music theory
  • Mattias Sköld – senior lecturer in composition

as well as a number of lecturers and hourly paid teachers.

Composition, Conducting and Music Theory Department Contacts

Composition, Conducting and Music Theory

Directors of Studies composition: Peter Danemo

Directors of Studies conducting and music theory: Anders Sjögren

Staff at the Department of Composition, Conducting and Music Theory (Swedish) External link.


Vinjettbild för festivalen ljudOljud 2017

Each spring, the music composed by the students during the academic year is presented during the week-long festival ljudOljud. The festival is organized by the students themselves, offering them invaluable knowledge of everything practical in planning concerts.

Stockholm New Opera

Vinjettbild för Sthlm New Opera 2017

Composers, librettists, stage and costume designers, directors, singers, instrumentalists and conductors from various artistic colleges in Stockholm together create new 20-minute operas.

Transpositions Project

An international research project where art and science meet under the leadership of Gerhard Eckel, professor at the Universität der Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Graz and guest professor at KTH and KMH.

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