Folk music alumni Celso Paco and Emilia Amper. Photo: Mira Åkerman.

Photo: Mira Åkerman. Former folk music students Celso Paco and Emilia Amper. Emilia is at present teacher in folk music.

Folk Music

Folk music is often music with roots in the oral traditions of both rural and urban areas: dance music, field songs, workbooks, local varieties of chorales and more. But folk music at KMH is also experimental and cross-border innovation, where local popular traditions interact with expressions and techniques from other cultures.

Teachers in Folk Music

KMH's folk music teachers are also prominent artists on the Swedish folk music scene. They include:

  • Professor Sven Ahlbäck – Swedish folk music
  • Professor Susanne Rosenberg – singing
  • Pontus Estling – clarinet
  • Arne Forsén – piano
  • Ellika Frisell – violin and playing for dance
  • Minna Krook – movement
  • Mikael Marin – viola
  • Gunnel Mauritzson – singing
  • Maria Misgeld – singing
  • Olof Misgeld – music theory
  • Leif Ottosson – music theory
  • Ami Pettersson Dregelid – folk dances playing for dance
  • Sofia Sandén – singing

and a number of hourly-paid lecturers.

Folk Music Department contacts

Folk Music

Director of Studies: Olof Misgeld, +46-70-306 94 80

Director of Studies: Leif Ottosson

The department is primarily reached via e-mail:

Staff at the Department of Folk Music (Swedish)external link

Folk music events

The folk music students and their teachers appear in many forms. In addition to the annual festival Folk Trad Now with LÅT! and the traditional Christmas concert, "Folk Music Monday" is organized on the first Monday of each month. In addition, students present graduation concerts and a number of project concerts of different character. Botanize among current folk music eventsexternal link (in Swedish) in our concert and events calendar!

Vinjettbild för Folk Trad Now 2017


is the annual festival and gathering of folk music: concerts, workshops, dance and game nights and folk music festival in one!


is a large ensemble where students explore and experiment with ensemble playing in folk music. KMH FOLK appears on KMH and on a number of scenes around the country. It's not an orchestra. It's not a big band. It's not a "spelmanslag". It's KMH FOLK.

KMH FOLK 2011. Foto: Stefan Nilsson.

Folk music and art music from other cultures

There is an increasing interest in music with roots outside of Western music traditions, and the work opportunities in this area are widened. Many distinguished musicians based in other cultures' music live today in Sweden and contribute to new influences in music life and thus to the growing interest. The new music scenes also create many opportunities for collaboration between musicians from different cultures.

Therefore, KMH offers individually designed study programmes which may involve both advanced studies in your own music tradition and broadening towards western music traditions.

LÅT 2020! takes place on Saturday 28 March and is a concert where the journey is the goal - the inner or outer, the long or short, our own or others, as a reflection of what we work with daily and as an offshoot to KMH FOLK's subsequent trip down through Europe to Brittany.