Tidigare jazzstudenten Karin Hammar, trombon.

Former jazz student Karin Hammar, trombone. Photo: Stefan Nilsson.


Jazz at KMH is based on the musical language and traditions of jazz, but also includes adjacent music areas like pop/rock/soul, latin, free improvisation, singer/songwriting and more.

The focus is on independent artistic creation within improvisation, composition and music production. Particular importance is attached to the participation in various ensembles, from smaller improvisation groups to big band. At KMH you will have unique opportunities for your own projects, concert performances and international exchanges.

Teachers in jazz

KMH's teachers in jazz and adjacent genres represent a broad palette of styles and skills. They are all active professional musicians in both Swedish and international jazz scenes. Among the teachers can be mentioned:

  • professor Joakim Milder, improvisation and ensemble

and senior lecturers:

  • Ola Bengtsson – electric guitar and music theory
  • Sven Berggren – ensemble och ensemble methodology
  • Håkan Goohde – electric guitar
  • Torbjörn Gulz – piano, arranging, music theory
  • Gun-Britt Gustafsson – singing
  • Klas Nevrin – improvisation
  • Bengt Stark – drums
Student spelar tvärflöjt. Foto: Stefan Nilsson

The New Sound Made Festival

The students at KMH are in charge of production and music at the annual New Sound Made jazz festival. Common to all acts is the love of improvisation and innovation.

The festival presents a wide range of genres and styles, ranging from heavy frijazz to swinging pop are represented. The boundaries are blurred and personal musical expressions make worlds open. Fine-tuned as well ad messy, subtle as well as sprawling.

Video: New Sound Made 2019

KMH Jazz Orchestra

is KMH's big band which regularly works under the direction of Patrik Skogh or guest composers, arrangers and band leaders.

KMH Jazz Orchestra 2015. Foto: Mira Åkerman.

Reflection and research within jazz

"Music in disorder" is an artistic research project which, based on collective improvisation, investigates how the collective affects the individual's creativity, both inside and outside music. The project is run by the Swedish Research Council, led by Klas Nevrin, composer, pianist and teacher at KMH, and is conducted together with his Revoid Ensemble.

Fyra musiker som spelar. Illustration av Jenny Soep. 


Nobel Creations is one of many collaborations with external partners.

With the help of different art forms, students from several higher education institutions created free interpretations of the Nobel Prize for several years. KMH students from various study programmes participated. The resulting creations in pictures, design and sound were inspired by the discoveries and achievements of each year's Nobel prizes.