New Sound Made

New Sound Made is one of Sweden's biggest jazz festivals. During three evenings in May, KMH's jazz students fill several stages with brand new tones and sounds. This years edition will take place 18-20 May.

For over a decade, the jazz students at KMH has filled the stages of New Sound Made with new music.

On New Sound Made, which is organized by the students themselves, everything is permitted. Creativity abounds whether it be jazz, experimental, pop, soul or R & B. With forty different acts, at least three scenes as well as a restaurant, future musicians offer a musical smorgasbord during three amazing days. 

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Selection from New Sound Made 2019

New Sound Made 2019: Alla Goda Ting

Björn Atle Anfinsen – trumpet, Mattias Olofsson – gitarrer, Jesper Söderqvist – vibrafon, slagverk, syntar och skrot

New Sound Made 2019: KAYES Kvartett

Karin Svensson – sång, Evelina Arvidsson Eklind – bas, Felicia Roos – saxofon, Agnes Persson – gitarr

New Sound Made 2019: Jonatan Erlingsson Kvintett

Linnea Jonsson – trumpet/flygelhorn, Sebastian Jonsson – altaxofon, August Eriksson – kontrabas, Jakob Bylund – trummor, Jonatan Erlingsson – piano

New Sound Made 2019: Felicia Roos 5

Felicia Roos – altsaxofon, Johannes Gammelgaard – tenorsax, Sara Karkkonen – piano, Amadeus Wedberg – trummor, Anders Langørgen – kontrabas