Vignette image for music education. Photo: Stefan NIlsson.

Music Education

The field of music education covers all forms of musical learning and music experience, both in the teacher education programmes in music and in research in music education.

The field of music education at KMH also includes education and research in the subject of music and health and music therapy, music and society/music history courses, as well as the supervised instructional education led by music teacher students.

The Teacher Education Programme

As Sweden's only independent institution for higher music education, KMH is also the only one entitled to award a teacher education degree in music.

The scientific core of the teacher education, which includes pedagogy, psychology, research methodology and more, is pervaded by music at KMH. Subject didactics are studied through practical music. Internship in the Stockholm area schools provides a professional basis for tomorrow's teachers and educators.

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Studies in music education

The Master Programme in Music Education provides an important opportunity for competence development in lifelong learning, thus serving as a valuable meeting place for professionals active in different areas of music – with and without connection to teaching.

The Master (one-year) programme in music therapy provides knowledge of how music is used in health promotion and therapeutic purposes. The education is aimed at people with extensive experience of music making and who have an understanding of different music cultures and music functions.

Teachers in music education

KMH's teachers in music education represent both theoretical excellence and solid professional experience. These are, among others:

  • Anna Backman Bister – senior lecturer in music education
  • Eva Bojner Horwitz – professor of music and health
  • Annika Falthin – senior lecturer in music education
  • Per-Henrik Holgersson – senior lecturer in music education
  • Erkki Huovinen – professor of music education
  • Filip Kvissberg – senior lecturer in ensemble playing
  • Ronny Lindeborg – senior lecturer in music education
  • Eva Wedin – senior lecturer in Dalcroze eurhythmics
  • Ann-Sofie Paulander – senior lecturer in music therapy
  • Kenji Rabson – senior lecturer in ensemble
  • Bo Rosenkull – senior lecturer in vocal methodology
  • David Thyrén – senior lecturer in music and society
  • Päivikki Wirkkala-Malmqvist – senior lecturer in string methodology

and a number of lecturers and hourly-paid teachers.

Music Education Department Contacts

Director of Studies: Lena Lidström, +46-707-588295

Director of Studies: Björg Ollén, +46-72-1460782

Director of Studies KPU: Ann-Britt Werner

Music Therapy Education Coordinator: Ann-Sofie Paulander

Staff at the Department fo Music Education (Swedish) External link.

Practice Teaching

During the education, the students in the teacher education programme have training students who are taught individually and in ensembles of different ages and at different stages.

Reflection and research related to music education

KMH has since 1989 offered postgraduate education in music education in collaboration with other higher education institutions. It has resulted in a number of doctoral theses and other papers. See further under Research.

Doctoral dissertations in music education External link.

Mind the Music

Vinjettbild för minifestivalen Mind the Music våren 2017

As the students at the performance programmes, the teacher students present their own annual manifestation in the form of concerts or performances. Mind the Music is the name of their spring mini-festival.