Academies and departments

Anna Maria Koziomtzis, Head of Academy Classical Music Composition, Conducting and Music Theory. Bo Westman, Head of Academy Folk Music, Jazz and Music and Media Production. Per-Henrik Holgersson, Head of Academy of Music Education.

There are three academies at KMH, where education, research and various forms of national and international cooperation are conducted. The academies provide opportunities for profiling and specialization, both within and between the various study programmes.

Academy of Folk Music, Jazz and Music and Media Production

Department of Folk Music

The department offers education in Swedish folk music and in folk and art music from other cultures. About 40 students studies at the department, with a variety of main instruments, such as violin, guitar, voice, qanon, lute, kora, keyed fiddle, mandolin, percussion, saxophone and many more.

Department of Jazz

The department offers education in various genres like jazz, pop, rock, latin and improvisation. The students are being prepared for professions such as musicians, composers / songwriters, concert and record producers, organizers, theatre and studio musicians, teachers at colleges and other schools.

Department of Music and Media Production

The department offers programs in music and media production, with a focus on music in collaboration with other media - television, movies, computer games and other interactive media. The department also offers courses in music production, writing, video production and film music for other programs within KMH.

Academy of Music Education

Department of Music Education

The department offers teacher education programmes with four profiles: instruments / singing and ensemble, choir, music theory and music and media production. In addition the department provides training in Dalcroze eurhythmics and music therapy.

Academy of Classical Music, Composition, Conducting and Music Theory

Department of Classical Music

About 280 students study classical music at the main campus or at Edsberg Manor north of Stockholm. They study singing or any instrument used in the Western classical tradition. The department is also responsible for programmes in church music, early music and piano tuning.

Department of Composition, Conducting and Music Theory

With about 50 students, the department is Sweden's largest higher education center for composition, conducting and music theory. The composition students are educated in Western art music, electroacoustic music, jazz and film music. The students of the conducting programmes are profiling within choir and orchestra conducting. Music theory is an important part of the teacher education programme.