Anna Maria Koziomtzis, Head of Academy Classical Music Composition, Conducting and Music Theory. Bo Westman, Head of Academy Folk Music, Jazz and Music and Media Production. Per-Henrik Holgersson, Head of Academy of Music Education.

Academies and departments

KMH encompasses three distinct academies, each functioning as a nucleus for educational endeavours, scholarly research initiatives, and a wide spectrum of national and international collaborative ventures. These academies provide avenues for delineated spheres of concentration and proficiency, nurturing both intra-programmatic and inter-programmatic specialisation across our array of study offerings.

Academy of Folk Music, Jazz and Music and Media Production

Department of Folk Music

The department provides education in Swedish folk music as well as folk and art music from diverse cultures. Approximately 40 students are enrolled in the department, pursuing proficiency in a range of primary instruments including the violin, guitar, voice, qanon, lute, kora, keyed fiddle, mandolin, percussion, saxophone, and numerous others.

Department of Jazz

The department provides education across a spectrum of genres, encompassing jazz, pop, rock, Latin, and improvisation. The students are being equipped for roles such as musicians, composers/songwriters, concert and record producers, event organisers, theatre and studio musicians, as well as educators in tertiary institutions and other educational establishments.

Department of Music and Media Production

The department provides programmes in music and media production, with an emphasis on music in conjunction with various other media forms such as television, cinema, computer games, and interactive media. Moreover, the department extends courses in music production, composition, video production, and cinematic music for other programmes within the scope of KMH.

Academy of Music Education

Department of Music Education

The department presents teacher education programmes comprising four distinct profiles: instruments/singing and ensemble, choir, music theory, and music and media production. Furthermore, the department delivers instruction in Dalcroze eurhythmics and music therapy.

Academy of Classical Music, Composition, Conducting and Music Theory

Department of Classical Music

Roughly 280 students are engaged in the pursuit of classical music studies, either at the central campus or at Edsberg Manor situated to the north of Stockholm. These students delve into vocal training or mastery of instruments integral to the Western classical tradition. Additionally, the department shoulders the responsibility for programmes centred around church music, early music, and piano tuning.

Department of Composition, Conducting and Music Theory

Housing approximately 50 students, the department stands as Sweden's foremost institution of higher education dedicated to composition, conducting, and music theory. The composition students receive comprehensive instruction spanning Western art music, electroacoustic music, jazz, and film music. Meanwhile, the conducting programmes enable students to specialise in choral and orchestral conducting. Significantly, music theory constitutes a pivotal component of the teacher education programme.