KMH has a dream team of teachers with excellence in music. For many students, they are the main reason to applying to KMH. The teachers often are well-known performing musicians or active researchers. They guarantee an education close to the profession.

Approximately thirty staff professors, about forty senior lecturers, fifty lecturers and a large number of hourly paid teachers. Together they ensure that the training is conducted at high artistic and educational levels, even when it comes to unusual instruments and subjects.

The teachers treat us as if we are already pros – that makes you strong!

Marta Pettersson and Erika Soldh, alumni

Teacher with two students, in the concert hall at Edsberg Manor. Photo: Stefan Nilsson

KMH's strengths

We gather our strengths under seven headings, each of which can hold an array of styles, varieties and methods, and teachers with a readiness to take care of each student's ability and focus.

Grafisk vinjettbild för Artify the Music

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