Composing music, composing movement

Movement composition is an activity practiced in Poland as a part of the eurhythmics method and its a specific music and movement expression. The close relationship between music and movement is a means of expressing a piece of music and its structure. In the work on this issue, analyzed in the context of broadly understood contemporary music, the notation of the movement and music layer in the form of a graphic score was used.


The basis for the formation of instrumental and movement improvisation skills in this module are elements of the musical ideas of Bogusław Schaeffer. They provide the foundation for the search for a clear symbolism of graphic notation of sound and movement parameters. Exercises in graphical score analysis, emotivographs and overparametric music notation influence the development of the instrumentalist's sonic language and stimulate the creativity of movement language. The search for common features of graphic notation for musical and movement elements takes artistic form in the realization of the author's graphic score 'Instant Music’.

Prof. Barbara Dutkiewicz, Iga Eckert
Akademia Muzyczna im. Karola Szymanowskiego in Katowice (AM) External link.

Video: Instant music

Video: Shape – sound – color pedagogical dimension

Video: Shape _ sound – color improvisation exercises

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