There has always been a connection between Eurhythmics and playing musical instruments. For example, when the Eurhythmics teacher is leading the class from the piano, or when the students play instruments in the Eurhythmics class. There is also a long tradition of combining instrumental lessons with Eurhythmics classes. On this page we focus in how Eurythmics can be used in instrumental studies or in an ensemble, for example when working on specific pieces.

Eurhythmics in instrumental teaching and ensemble

I have worked together with instrumental teachers and orchestra leaders for a long time. I love this kind of teamwork where you can work together towards a common goal but based on different competencies and with different tools. And all the time I also learn and develop myself.

Eurhythmics is a useful approach for instrumental teaching and ensemble work, and it can be a good tool in various contexts. There is not only one single way to do this. For each situation the teaching must be adapted to level, age, aims and group size.

Eurhythmics in instrumental teaching and ensemble can be used for:

  • different levels – from beginners to advanced,
  • all ages – from children to adults,
  • different group sizes – from individuals to large groups
  • different purposes – from a specific piece of music to general musical training or collaboration.

On this page I share some examples from my work, in text and videos. You will find examples with children and adults, with beginners and professionals, examples with various groups sizes and from teaching with different goals. The video examples are filmed during my teaching in Sweden, in South Africa and in Poland.

Different aspects go into each other, and when working with a group it is about several different perspectives at the same time.

The material is described from six different perspectives:

  1. Musical preparation
  2. Show what you hear
  3. Objects
  4. Motor skills
  5. Choreography
  6. Ensemble

I hope you can find something that inspire you.

Prof. Eva Nivbrant Wedin
Kungl. Musikhögskolan i Stockholm

Flöjt av Eva Wedin

Show what you hear

Valthorn av Eva Wedin

Musical preparation

Gymnastikband av Eva Wedin


Gitarr av Eva Wedin

Motor skills

Celli av Eva Wedin


Violiner av Eva Wedin


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