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Lesson suggestion 1 “Oldies but goldies” ages 7-9

Here are ideas on how to form a lesson for the younger ages in the compulsory school. The lesson example is followed by a video where you can see elements of the actual lesson. This video shows one of my classes at Kulturskolan Raketen in Stockholm.

When you plan lessons with children, you sometimes have to compete with smartphones and mobile games. You will have to find activities that are interesting and fun but also useful for your goal with the lesson/lessons. One good component is often movement and the use of various tools such as balls, scarves, sticks, bean bags etc.

In this lesson, my subject was the Swedish tradition in children's music and the composer Alice Tegnér. Her songs are often associated with smaller children and since young children today listen to more and more pop/rock/hiphop music they can find her songs a bit old fashioned, even boring. Since the history of children's songs are an important part of the curriculum, I made a lesson suggestion including knowledge about the meter of 2 and 3, some music symbols, movement with balls and sticks. It became an energetic and playful lesson.

Video: Oldies but goldies

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