Activating – in movement

Eurhythmics starts with movement, even when the movements are very basic. Any expression in movement can be taken up and developed as part of the process of a lesson. Movement is life, is music.

Impuls video: activating

Within Eurhythmics, movement is on the one hand a means that can be useful in many ways together with materials and in interaction with music and voice/speech. Through movement, for example, relationships can be experienced, learning can take place, and development can be stimulated. On the other hand, movement is also a goal when, for example, the aim of a session is to develop motor skills that are necessary to solve tasks or when new movement repertoire is discovered and deepened with materials.

Movement as an expression of the self-activity of every human being can be the starting point for group leaders who need to make specific observations. If these observations also influence the reactions of the leader during Eurhythmics sessions, then dialogue-based creative processes can succeed.

Video: "drums"