Eurhythmics takes place mainly in groups. Through music, movement, voice and materials (the means of Euryhtmics), the participants enter into relationships. The means thus stimulate non-verbal communication and interaction and they can shape relationships.

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One aim of Eurhythmics sessions is to create a communal basis upon which all participants can actively participate with their personal abilities and skills. It is important to choose and offer tasks in such a way that everybody can participate. The ability to observe in advance and react in the moment are important pedagogical skills for leaders.

Eurhythmics, music and dance make it possible to experience community, because despite differentiated learning offerings, contents can be delved into individually on the one hand, and on the other hand, they can be shaped collectively within the group. This makes Eurhythmics a method for inclusion that is truly alive, a method that can have positive impacts.

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