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In general: replicating or imitating a situation, process, object, etc./the result of reproduction. Copying is therefore a process that can reproduce the original identically, but does not necessarily have to. It involves gradations of same, similar, dissimilar, different... Is it perhaps the intention to copy something as similarly as possible that defines a copy?

The Torah, for example, is copied only by handwriting. So visually it will probably not be an absolutely identical copy, but in terms of content it will be copied with the utmost care. This requires the scribe's comprehension and understanding.

What about music and movement? I claim that the most similar copies are created by imitating the form and the most beautiful copies live from the co-execution, but that we are basically completely incapable of making identical copies. How beautiful that we try again and again and produce individual results and how beautiful when these copies meet in time and their dissimilarities do not stand in the way of an interplay.

Karolina Runge

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