While I was practicing the art of rhythm in these few days in Berlin I had discovered something strange. All my muscles were free from tension and stress and my mind was quite clear. In my opinion it is worth it to feel that way of comfort. It is good to support my body which is stressed by everyday life. I wish this power to be in me – maybe if I will practice it in these difficult times, it will last longer?

Maria Flig

Feeling from Oxford English Dictionary:

  1. To have a sensation, impression, perception, or emotion.
    a. transitive. To have a bodily sensation of (heat, cold, pain, motion, etc.), esp. as caused by a specified external stimulus; to perceive or be affected by (an external stimulus) through touch, sensation of the skin, or any means other than sight, hearing, taste, or smell.
    b. intransitive. To have or be capable of sensations of touch or other bodily sensations not associated with the senses of sight, hearing, taste, or smell (as heat, cold, pain, motion, etc.); (also more generally) to be capable of any kind of sensory perception.
    c. transitive. To have the sensation of physical contact with (something); to perceive (an object) by the sense of touch.
    d. transitive. With simple object and bare infinitive or complement. To perceive or become aware of (something acting in the specified way or being in the specified condition) by sense of touch or other physical sensation. Also with clause as object.
    e. intransitive. With complement. To be consciously perceived (esp. through the sense of touch) as having the specified quality; to produce the sensation or give the impression of being; to seem.
  2. transitive. To experience the effects of (something material or immaterial, esp. something unpleasant or damaging, as a blow, a hostile influence, etc.); to undergo or be subjected to. Formerly also intransitive.
  3. To be aware of being injured or benefited by (a fact or occurrence); to be conscious of being affected by.

Lisa Ziehm 

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